At Dancold Ltd., we pride ourselves on being experts in the field of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Our qualified engineers and fully stocked vans usually ensure that repairs are completed on the first visit. Dancold Ltd. have the experience, the competence, and the equipment to resolve all refrigeration related problems.

If replacement parts are necessary to complete a repair, then our engineer will explain to the customer exactly which components are required, as well as any associated costs, prior to carrying out the work.


In order to minimise the possibility of costly breakdowns, Dancold Ltd. strongly recommend regular routine maintenance for all Refrigeration and Air Conditioning systems. Not only will routine maintenance increase the lifespan of your cooling equipment, it can also significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed, thus saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. (For every 1°C the condenser coil temperature rises, the system performance is reduced by 3% and the energy consumed increases by 3%).

As a rule of thumb, one annual maintenance check will suffice. Predominantly, this will ensure the system is running with the correct refrigerant gas charge, and that the heat exchanger coils are clear of any debris, as incorrect charge or blocked coils can cause a dramatic increase in the energy consumed.

If, during a regular routine maintenance check, a potential fault is found, then we give all details of our findings to the customer and offer to provide a quotation for remedial works.

F gas Regs 517/2014

The most recent F Gas Regulations (EU) 517/2014, came into effect on the 1st January 2015, and the Regulations stipulate that operators of equipment which contains fluorinated greenhouse gases in quantities of 5 tonnes of CO2 equivalent or more, shall ensure that the equipment is checked for leaks. This means that the threshold level for leak checking different refrigerants varies dependent upon the GWP (Global Warming Potential) of the refrigerant in question.

Table 1 below, sets out details for leak check frequencies relative to Tonnes CO2 equivalent charge weight.

Table 1

Tonnes CO2 equivalent charge weight

Frequency of


Frequency if fixed

leak detection

is fitted

Leak detection

equipment mandatory

≥ 5 and ≤ 50

Every 12 months

Every 24 months


≥ 50 and ≤ 500

Every 6 months

Every 12 months


≥ 500

Every 3 months

Every 6 months


Hermetic systems ≤ 10




Table 2 below, gives examples of CO2 equivalent charge weights for some of the more commonly used HFC (Hydrofluorocarbon) refrigerants.

Table 2

Tonnes CO2 equivalent charge weight

Between 5 & 50 tonnes

Between 50 & 500 tonnes

Greater than 500 tonnes

Frequency of


Every 12 months

Every 6 months

Every 3 months


1.27 kg to 12.7 kg

12.7 kg to 127.4 kg

Greater than 127.4 kg


2.37 kg to 23.7 kg

23.7 kg to 237.3 kg

Greater than 237.3 kg


2.39 kg to 23.9 kg

23.9 kg to 239.5 kg

Greater than 239.5 kg


2.81 kg to 28.1 kg

28.1 kg to 281.8 kg

Greater than 281.8 kg


3.49 kg to 34.9 kg

34.9 kg to 349.6 kg

Greater than 349.6 kg

All of our engineers hold the highest category of F Gas Qualification ensuring that they are competent to carry out thorough leak checks on all types and sizes of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning equipment and systems. During our routine maintenance inspections of your systems we will identify the F Gas requirements for each item of equipment and ensure that compliance is maintained.


There is an extremely broad range of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning equipment manufacturers on the market, each providing several possible configurations. This can sometimes make it difficult to make the right choice to suit your particular needs. Dancold Ltd. will only supply equipment from reputable brands, and we will ensure that you have all the necessary information to help you choose the optimum solution for your requirements.


At Dancold Ltd., we have all the expertise required to provide our customers with affordable and professionally designed and installed Refrigeration and Air Conditioning systems. We can supply and install all types of equipment, from modular coldrooms to bulk milk tanks, as well as complete VRV systems or a single split Air Conditioner.

Our Installation team offer a friendly and professional service which endeavours to ensure minimal disruption to your workplace during any installation, and once the installation is complete, we can provide cost effective maintenance plans to ensure the reliable operation of your new system.

All of our installations are carried in compliance with the current F Gas Regulations ((EU) 517/2014), and upon completion we will issue our client with an F Gas logbook and provide information on how to maintain compliance with these regulations.