We pride ourselves on providing a high quality service to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. With qualified engineers and fully stocked vans we generally ensure all repairs are made within the first visit. Dancold Ltd have the experience, the competence and the equipment to overcome all refrigeration related problems.

If replacement parts are necessary, prior to the repair our engineer will explain to the customer; the parts required and the potential costs incurred.

Dancold Ltd regard regular routine maintenance as a priority. Not only will routine maintenance increase the lifespan of equipment, it can also significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed; saving you money and reducing your carbon output. (For every 1 Degree Celsius the condenser coil temperature rises, the system performance is reduced by 3 Percent and the energy consumed increases by 3 Percent).

Normally an annual maintenance check will suffice. Predominantly this will ensure the system is running with the correct refrigerant gas charge and that the heat exchanger coils are kept clear of any debris, as either can cause a dramatic increase in the energy consumed.

If, during a regular routine maintenance check, a potential fault is found, Dancold will explain the situation to the customer and a quotation to rectify the fault will be issued.

F gas Regs 842/2006

In compliance with F Gas Regulations (EC) 842/2006, all refrigeration and air conditioning plant containing 3KG or more of Fluorinated gases must be leak tested on a regular basis. Dancold are happy to provide information on this. We also provide this service and will generally carry out a leak test during any routine maintenance.

Please see our Reform / F gas page for more information.


We deal with many reputable refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump brands. Please contact Dancold Ltd for your particular requirements, we will be more than happy to help.

We provide and install all types of refrigeration systems, from modular coldrooms to bulk milk tanks. Dancold Ltd will be happy to help with any enquiry.

Our Installation team offer a friendly and professional service that endeavour to ensure minimal disruption to your workplace during any installation.

All of our installations will be carried in compliance with the F Gas Regulation (EC) 842 2006. We will issue customers with an F Gas logbook and we will provide information on how to continually comply with these regulations.

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