In respect to our planets environment, it is important to maintain a reduction in our carbon output. In order to do this, the current objective is to reduce energy consumption within the buildings we use. Subsequently, this has caused a huge increase in the popularity of using heat pump systems as a dependency for space heating and/or hot water production.

Many residential properties can operate with heat pumps as their sole means of heating. Commercial properties can also benefit as heat pumps release less carbon into the atmosphere than more conventional heating systems.

The Benefits

1. Lower Running Costs
Heat pumps are cheaper to run than systems based on combustion.

2. Less Maintenance
Heat pumps require less maintenance than the combustion heating systems.

3. Safety
Heat pumps are safer than combustion-based heating systems.

4. Carbon Emissions
Heat pump system reduces your carbon emissions and it has an efficient conversion rate of energy to heat.

5. Air Quality
As heat pumps don’t burn anything to create heat they don’t produce any smoke or add fumes to the air.

6. Long Life-Span
The life-span of heat pumps is relatively long, up to 50 years, however the average life-span is somewhere between 14 to 15 years. Despite these numbers, they are exceptionally reliable and steady source of heat.

7. RHI Scheme
The government provides two different types of programs to assist the installation of renewable heat systems.

The Theory

Heat pump systems work by absorbing heat from either the ground or the outside air. Heat is absorbed into a refrigerant gas and is transferred to either the water, which is pumped through the standard heating/hot water circuit, or the inside air through the use of a fan coil heat exchanger.

With heat pump systems, no heat is actually being produced, instead it is being transferred from outside to inside. The only energy being consumed is the electricity used to supply the compressor, pump and fan coils. Manufacturers state that modern heat pump systems produce a COP (Co-efficient of performance) of up to 4.6: Every 1.0 KW of energy consumed, 4.6 KW of energy is produced.

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