The Juice House

We worked closely with The Juice House on on the construction of a 250 pallet purpose built Freezer. This was a unique project for Cobell and we relied heavily on their expertise and guidance throughout the project.

The original brief was to ensure the best use of the building by maximising the number of pallets stored, either racked, or loose. The project necessitated the presence of many contractors on site, and the scheduling of the build and the services installation was complex, in order to ensure the success of the project, with respect to both completion date and overall costs.

Dancold Ltd. were involved at all stages, liaising with the other contractors to plan and confirm all aspects of the project. This included managing and recommending ideas for the freezer unit layout, and best positioning of the racking, to ensure optimum efficiency of the refrigeration systems.

We also suggested the installation of a data monitoring system which can immediately alert The Juice House to any issues with the freezer plant.  The system is set to monitor conditions such as the minimum and maximum control temperature and any variation outside of the pre-set parameters. This is business critical to The Juice House, as they are fully accredited to BRC and as such they adhere to the high standards set.

They delivered a high quality service and pulled out all the stops to ensure the completion date was achieved on time. We would highly recommend this company.

Mike Pearce

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