Coombe Farm Organics

We were recently very privileged to be awarded the order for a new production facility at Coombe Farm Organics. Following several site meetings, a brief, and a sketch produced by Coombe Farm Organics, we submitted a design for approval. Once approved, we began the build.

 We started by marking out the floor and then fixing floor channel. We then installed PIR insulated panels to the floor channel to form the walls of the factory. As we progressed, we installed the ceiling panels to maintain rigidity. Once all the panel work was in place, we installed all the necessary trim and flashings before sealing all the joints with Dow Corning food-safe silicone. We then installed the clamp around doors, supplied by Portiso.

Once the factory had been built, cleaned and sealed, we carried out the installation of the refrigeration systems using Danfoss Optyma condensing units, coupled with Searle evaporators, and incorporating Danfoss controls.

We were then approached by Luke, of Coombe Farm Organics, and asked if we could carry out the electrical and mechanical installation. Dancold produced a design for both. Then, our in-house electrician carried out the complete electrical installation, which included: 3 Phase 32amp sockets, single phase sockets, LED lighting, emergency lighting, fused spurs and a new 3 phase distribution board. The rest of the installation team carried out the mechanical installation, which included: Installation of various sinks and hand-wash basins, knife sterilisers, a macerator pump for waste transfer, and a secondary return for the existing hot water system.                                                                                                                                                                                    
Dancold Ltd. then assisted with the design and organising of the meat rail system. This was a new system to us, which was demonstrated by Tarrant Refrigeration. We were very impressed with the equipment and we will be offering this package for future projects.

In addition to the mechanical installation, Dancold Ltd. were tasked with one more design: the removal of the waste water produced by the new facility. We supplied and installed a mini above-ground pumping station and connected this to a customer supplied water vessel.

After completion, Dancold provided the customer with all the relevant commissioning and test reports as part of an operation and maintenance manual.