Air Conditioning systems are an effective and efficient solution to providing a comfortable climate within your building. Energy is absorbed from one area and distributed into another; no actual energy is being generated.

Dancold Ltd provide an affordable and professional sales, install and maintenance service to the Air Conditioning industry.


Variable Refrigerant Flow / Volume is a type of air conditioning system which uses a compressor that varies in speed depending on the required indoor duty, the result being a more efficient and effective system. A typical VRF / VRV system would comprise of one outdoor unit piped in parallel to several indoor units, all of the indoor units would be sized accordingly to suit the required duty of each individual area.

VRF / VRV systems are commonly piped in either;

  • A two pipe configuration, restricting the system to run only in either cooling or heating at any given time, more suited to an open plan setup.
  • A three pipe configuration, which allows indoor units to simultaneously run in either cooling or heating, more suited for a building comprising of various rooms.


With several different manufacturers, all providing many different configurations, making the right choice to suit your particular needs can be difficult. Dancold Ltd deal with all the reputable air conditioning brands, so are able, and more than happy to offer advice and recommendation as to what systems would suit your individual requirements.

Dancold Ltd are now Daikin approved for supply, installation and commissioning of their air conditioning products.

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Due to the high level of competition within the air conditioning sales market and with the government incentive schemes available, air conditioning equipment has become more affordable then ever. Please contact Dancold Ltd for a non obligatory quotation.

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